House of Bass and Lilies
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More photos...

The House of Bass and Lilies on YouTube!

More scenes and sights of the House of Bass and Lilies:

Photo by Wanda Welbourn

House of Bass and Lilies on a clear winter day

There are days of heavy snow, but they're always followed by days of clear blue skies and beautiful white covering surrounding the House of Bass and Lilies.


A snowstorm is magically enchanting and so peaceful

Rescue after a snow storm!

After a heavy storm, the driveway and front walkway disappear.  Our snow plow service provider is a welcome sight to dig you out of the House of Bass and Lilies!

Full moon peeking from behind Black Butte
Photo by Wanda Welbourn

A sight to behold!

There are so many breath-taking sights in the Mount Shasta area and so often there are too many to capture.  This is just one of the moon over Black Butte Mountain.

One of the many rivers in the area

Back patio of House of Bass and Lilies
Photo by Wanda Welbourn

In the summer months, many guests choose to cook out in the Weber and sit outside for their feast!

Photo by Wanda Welbourn

New landscaping!

For those who've never seen what the front of House of Bass and Lilies looks like because of heavy snow, or haven't been there lately, there's a beautiful new rock landscaping design.

And what blooms in the rock garden in springtime
Photo by Wanda Welbourn

Frequent visitors walking by the House


Grand Mount Shasta

This is a view of majestic Mount Shasta in the spring from the air.

Local Shasta lilies that bloom after every winter
Photo by Wanda Welbourn

Our cozy living room

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